Crimean Tatar Yunus Masharipov was detained on 27 September 2017, a month before the so-called acts of sabotage on power lines and the gas pipeline near Alushta, however, he believes that the FSB is preparing to present him associated with this case.

Forced to lie on the cold floor, put the wires to the genitals - the FSB beat out a recognition in undermining the power lines of the Crimean Tatar Masharipova. PHOTO

As reported mediaUA, this writes the journalist Anton NumLock the article for publication in the Media.

Crimean Tatar Yalta Yunus Masharipov sure that the FSB is preparing to present him associated with this case. He believes that he may incriminate other episodes — for example, the arson of forest near Yalta in the summer of 2017. Now Masharipov is accused by the occupants in the manufacture of the explosive device, which, according to the "investigation" was discovered during a search of 50 meters from temple of Archangel Michael located on the Sevastopol highway near the settlement of Oreanda, near Yalta.

Masharipov claims that after his arrest, the FSB used violence to him — a statement describing the torture he had sent to the so-called head "of the FSB in Crimea," Victor Palagina, as well as "people, authorities, deputies of Ukraine, media, human rights organizations". In this letter he calls himself a human rights activist and insists that, in 2014, he reported human rights "organizations about violations of children's rights, disabled persons and pensioners" in the Crimea, collected information on victims of the security forces, and now "he personally experienced the full horror of savage torture techniques of the FSB with the manifestation of sadism."

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Human rights activists from the Ukrainian "Crimea.SOS" and the representative located in Odessa of the UN monitoring mission confirmed "Mediazone", which in 2014 several times received from Masharipova information about what is happening in Yalta. In the words of Yunus, he was arrested at 5:30 in the morning of the 27th September 2017 at the bus stop, "Massandra" — not posing, unknown men "began to beat his fists on the head, knocked to the ground, put on the head cap, hands, and lifting up his hands and feet, skidded into a van". He was taken to the building of the so-called FSB on Kirov street in Yalta, occupied. The lawyer was not there, phone use is not allowed.

Yunus Masharipov

"The FSB asked me about my frequent trips to Ukraine. I told them that engaged in human rights activities... — he writes. — Wanting me to answer their questions the way they want to hear in their own interests, began to torture me. They were forced in cuffs to squat in an uncomfortable position with his hands outstretched, fingers spread. After I could not stand, falling to the side, the FSB began to kick me in the kidneys. Using a wooden stick a condom, was carried out on the lips, trying through clenched teeth to stick into the oral cavity. They forced me to kneel, had his hands behind his back and pressed down on the handcuffs. Forced to lie naked on the cold floor, burned the palm of my hands by the flame from the lighter".

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Masharipov says that on the floor by the FSB, "has put plastic in a light green color, was required to lie on the floor naked, wrapped fist of his left hand with tape to elbow, stepping on the blades and holding the hands and legs, tortured with electrodes".
"I saw two bare tipped wires, the switch is black, had heard and seen, as it wound up. Bare wires applied to the soles of the feet, the buttocks, the ovaries of the penis. Because of the physical pain that I can't take it anymore, I made him against his will to negotiate, that is to say what you wanted to hear, and to do written reports by the FSB," — said in a statement.

Unable to bear the torture, writes Masharipov, he gave testimony that was "an agent of the SBU and perform their tasks." "Then they brought me into the room a yellow color, and forced on camera to say that I am an agent of the SBU and prepared for undermining the power lines. Previously, the FSB instructed me how and what to say. There were a few doubles," recalls the detainee.

29 sentyabrya it brought in the so-called Yalta city court "to choose a measure of restraint", he referred to article 51 of the Russian Constitution, refused to testify and said about torture. However, the "judge" these statements are ignored, says Masharipov. He writes that now "the FSB threatened with death, placed in a mental hospital for life due to the fact that under article 51 refused data my testimony as a result of torture," the article says.

In connection with this case, Russian security forces raided the house of a school psychologist Asena Meiramova in Simferopol.

Alexander Kovalchuk, another resident of Yalta, said that on 1 November, Russian security forces avoided the neighbors and showed them a picture of his dog - Cocker Spaniel Teddy. They were interested in who owns the dog that they spoke to neighbors Kovalchuk, seen on one of the "sabotage."

Alexander Kovalchuk, Teddy

The Kovalchuk still hasn't interviewed — but forced him to leave Crimea. He does not hide his Pro-Ukrainian views and says that in 2014 he was not given a Russian passport, to refuse which he did not. Kovalchuk said that you never left the Peninsula since 2011, but according to him, the FSB had forged a certificate stating that he crossed the border and arrived in the Crimea after the occupation by Russia. 17 Nov invaders forcibly brought Kovalchuk in "the Yalta city court", where he claims put before a choice: or it will be placed in a detention center in Krasnodar, where a few months deported to Ukraine, or will be fined, and he will leave himself. Kovalchuk chose the second option, "the court" invaders fined him for "violation by a foreign citizen the rules of entry in the Russian Federation" and on November 27 the boy with the Spaniel Teddy and cat Timothy emigrated. Now he lives in Kiev.