Yuriy Lutsenko said that one of his main achievements on a post of the public Prosecutor is "scrapping old command vertically oriented penal system".

Today the GPU has ceased to be a punitive body, - Lutsenko told about results of work for attorney General

He told about it in interview to the edition "New Time", informs mediaUA.

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"Today, to imagine a situation where the attorney-General, or Deputy, or the regional Prosecutor gives the command to destroy business or politics, and this is done through the internal structure of the post-Soviet monster, impossible. Why? To date, neither I nor my deputies can't neither remove nor appoint", - Lutsenko emphasized, noting that appoint to posts and dismiss "only the government", and he just signed these decisions.

Also among the achievements he named the abolition of the right of the Prosecutor to perform the functions of investigation, the reduction of the GPU in the quarter, higher wages in half and filling the majority of vacancies in local Prosecutor's offices new staff not from the system.

Another own achievement Lutsenko said the trial of fugitive ex-President Viktor Yanukovych on charges of treason.

"Because it's not just the process of citizen Yanukovych. This process is for all former and future leaders. In this country it will not be the post that makes it impossible to punishment for crimes," - said the Prosecutor General.

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He also describes the extremely important "the fact that up to 80% of the cases of independence are proven" and 240 direct perpetrators of the killings or violence on the Maidan demonstrators are on trial. At the same time, the attorney General has recognized that customers of these crimes, "secondary and tertiary link" hiding in Russia.

"Against them, through the Parliament, we started the process of conviction," - said Lutsenko.

The achievements of the GPU, he also took the fact that his Agency is "legally prescribed opportunity to lend a hand in the activities of the National anti-corruption Bureau".

According to the public Prosecutor, in the course of the year "we are not only detained more than 9 thousand corrupt officials, not only gave about 3 thousand cases in the courts, but also received 1.5 thousand sentences".

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Errors Lutsenko calls the rush.

"For example, the first attempt to create internal anti-corruption policies have been naive. She did not come out. It turned out that it is necessary to create the General Inspectorate for the United States, at the second attempt we made it" - he brought the example of failure.

The attorney General also said that "he let himself be drawn into discussions with the National anti-corruption Bureau".

"I was the initiator, but I must admit that a loud public disputes brought harm to the whole system. Fortunately, recently Sytnyk was in this office, and he admitted it and I admitted it. Now we try to find similarities in our different vision of the law. I can't remain silent when you see violations of the law, but on the other hand, you can do it very loud, or very loud. Think very loud, although it was provoked, but the mistake," - said Lutsenko.

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