In 2017, the line of demarcation in the Donbass crossed the 11 million 331,6 thousand people.

In 2017, the line of demarcation in the Donbass have crossed more than 11 million people - Minot

according to the press service of the Ministry of the temporarily occupied territories and internally displaced persons.

So, according to the Agency, in December the conflict line in Eastern Ukraine, in both directions crossed 1084 thousand people, including 854,1 thousand through the checkpoints of entry / exit in the Donetsk region and 230,3 thousand in Luhansk region. Controlled territory temporarily uncontrolled left 557,1 thousand people, in the opposite direction - 527,2 thousand

It is noted that the maximum load recorded on PPC "Marinka" (264 thousand) and "Maori" (261,4 thousand). PPC "Stanitsa Lugansk" crossed 230,3 thousand people, "Novotroitsk" - 202,6 thousand, "Hnutove" - more than 126 thousand

In comparison with November on the East of the country recorded an increase in the total number of intersections of the civilian population is 4.6%: in Donetsk region - by 5.1% and in Luhansk - by 2.77%, while compared to January, 2017 throughput KPVV has increased almost twice.

Read the " mediaUA"In December 2017 in the ports of the occupied Crimea were 26 cargo vessels-violators - Minot

Also on the temporarily uncontrolled territories in the East because of PPC "Novotroitsk" was delivered 777,3 tons of humanitarian cargo, of which food 341,5 tons of building materials 379, 9 tons of medicines and equipment to 25.6 tons.

At checkpoints of entry and exit from the Crimea in December there was a following situation: the administrative border with occupied Crimea in both directions crossed 167,5 thousand people, of which 82,7 thousand people entered the territory of the Peninsula, 84.4 per thousand people left.

Most intersections recorded at PPC "Kalanchak" - 79,4 thousand people, through the "Chongar" - 75,8 thousand "Chaplynka" - 12,3 thousand people, where despite the overall decrease in the number of crossings, held a revival by 2.5% compared with November.

Only in 2017 KPVV crossed 11 331,6 thousand people in the East of Ukraine and Crimea - 2 513,3 thousand. The greatest burden fell on August: in the East - about 1188 thousand People, and in the Crimea - almost 360 thousand people.