The Ministry of health urges citizens to get vaccinated against measles.

With Sep works headquarters on the situation with measles: most people who have not been vaccinated, - Suprun. VIDEO

About it in the comment to journalists was declared by the acting Minister of health Suprun, the correspondent of mediaUA.



"With September runs the headquarters on the situation with measles, because there was a measles outbreak in three regions. Now have flash in Kiev. The majority of children and people who got sick were not vaccinated. The most important thing is to have vaccinated, get vaccinated, because it protects a person from disease. In areas where there was flash, there is a strengthening of vaccination. In these areas have vaccination at 80% because we stepped up the vaccination and forbade the children to go to school and daycare without vaccinations. Is the negative impact of the campaign against vaccination. The vaccine is available. She's good. This vaccine is grafted around the world. I appeal to parents vaccinated their children. And in respect of children under 12 months who are not vaccinated, be careful which sites you visit" - addressed Suprun, stressing that at the moment we are talking about outbreaks, not epidemics.

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