To date, the state property was returned 34 land plots with a total area of over 132 hectares.

The response of SBS to the statement Matios: "border Security is implemented in full,"according to mediaUA, this reports the press service of the gpsu.
"Despite the fact that the land, which is located in close proximity to the state border of Ukraine, are in private ownership, the State border service of Ukraine fully implements the protection of state borders, security patrols and other tasks," - said in a statement.
In gpsu said about filing lawsuits in Berehove district court in Transcarpathian region against individuals, as well as the Main control Goszemagentstva in the Transcarpathian region, Beregovo and district management of justice in respect of the cancellation of a number of orders and the return to state ownership of land.

In addition, the Mukachevo border detachment of the state border guard service together with military prosecutors of Uzhgorod garrison filed a lawsuit in the court of appeal against the decisions regarding the long term lease of 90 hectares of land situated close to the border.