In the Sumy region police withdrew marihuana for the sum about 400 thousand hryvnia.

Natspolitsiya withdrew marihuana for the sum about 400 thousand UAH in Sumy oblastyakh reports mediaUA, writes the Directorate of National police in the Sumy region in Facebook.
"Eight bags of dried cannabis weighing over 20 kilograms were stored at 32-the summer inhabitant of one of villages in the Glukhovsky area. According to preliminary estimates of the police, the value of the seized "dope-potions" at the prices "black market" makes about 400 thousand hryvnias", - declared in police.
In the house of the man found a homemade device for Smoking drugs and a plastic bottle of liquid, which by its external signs similar to the residues from the preparation of the solution of acetylated opium.
"The owner of the estate to explain quite stingy, however, said that previously lived in Kharkov, where, in fact, gained access to the drugs. There he has left family and girlfriend, who plans to move to his winter. In Kharkov "earned" and first conviction for drug possession," said police.
Law enforcement agencies opened criminal proceedings under part 2 of article 309 of the Criminal code of Ukraine (illegal storage of drugs).