A new team of top managers of "Railways", headed by acting Chairman of the management Board Evgeny Kravtsov pulled away from the fight against corruption within the company.

Kravtsov and his team withdrew from the fight against corruption in Railways, - the head of the Union of chemists of Ukraine Golubovic reports mediaUA with reference to Uaprom.info about it it became known in the course of the responses of top management TIES on the questions of representatives of industry associations in the Federation of employers of Ukraine.
As reported by Alexey Golubov, President of the Union of chemists of Ukraine, for chemical enterprises "this year, the railway fares have doubled due to the corruption component".
According to him, freight wagons "Ukrzaliznytsia" give "approximate small companies" in the amount of 50 pieces, for example, Rail Logistic, which "raise prices as they like".
"I'm the Director of "Rovnoazot" says: "give cars, on my site there's 50 thousand ammonium nitrate! This is such a bomb that, if you explode, you Exactly will not remain", - said the head of the Union of chemists.

"The corruption component is powerfully sitting in "Ukrzaliznytsya". Remove intermediaries! About 900 million UAH. deposited in the pockets, TIES and loses about 400 million UAH. Now, if such schemes are to clean, and may not need to raise rates," said Golubov.
According to him, the only one of the Melitopol depot steal 7-8 tons of diesel fuel a day. "Guys, how can withstand such consumption of diesel fuel, if the size of the theft is only one depot! I'm not talking about the procurement of material values", - he stated, adding that the leadership of the TIES necessary to fight corruption.
In response, he agreed that the price of the car for chemists increased by 2 times. "Absolutely! Forwarders, taking our wagon at a fixed rate and resell it to you at a higher rate," he said, also acknowledging that "there is a huge problem with the procurement, and let's get together with her to fight."

"What in the depot are stealing is the truth. I'm not going to hide, do have problems. We have diesel disappears from its Bay into the tank until its combustion in the engine of the locomotive. This is a huge problem, we are now looking for ways of its decision", - stated the head of the OUSE.
In turn, Leonid Kozachenko, Deputy, President of Ukrainian agrarian Confederation (UAC), noted that it is unclear how "Ukrzaliznytsya" plans to solve the problem of corruption in perspective.
"It would not have happened so that the amount of increase of tariffs will create an even larger basis for corruption. Maybe tomorrow will "stretch" more fuel," he warned.

As an example of corruption at the UZ UAC President cited the case of repair of the locomotive depot in a fair.
"Private depot wanted to charge for the repair of locomotives BONDS. But we were warned that we must pay UAH 2.5 million. for each. If you do not pay, we will not let them be repaired. We have this issue settled, but we still did yield this locomotive was given to others who have agreed to pay," - said Kozachenko.
Valery Novitsky, member of the Supervisory Board of "Dneprovagonmash", criticized the "Ukrzaliznytsya" for the fact that not a single Ukrainian manufacturer of cars not involved in the program of updating of a rolling stock company.
"From the beginning, no tender was held. Why? Because they involve not only producers, but intermediaries. And they don't give the producers not to win, but just to hold the tender. If you are not interested to solve these issues, then nobody needs it", - he said.
In response Alexander Bujor, Board member of "Ukrainian Railways", said that "the tender, unfortunately, did not take place for reasons beyond our control".
So runs the law, they were blocked," he said.

At the same time, Dmytro Oliynyk, head of the Council of the Federation of employers of Ukraine, recalled that management of UZ, that "the decision was made to send to the Prosecutor General's office documents and treatment of the intermediary company Maxmed international (which permanently blocks the tenders. - Uaprom)".
"That depends on TIES? When you form the tender offer, there is no Ukrainian legislation does not forbid to specify in tender documents the presence of the supplier or those of other technical capabilities. Many of the real sector of the economy even agree to pay part of the guarantee fee in order to strip brushed aside at this stage. Please, dear colleagues of the "Ukrzaliznytsya" we understand very well how to form of bid conditions", - said the head of the FRU.