National Commission exercising the state regulation of communications and Informatization (NCCIR), in the first decade of November 2017 intends to announce a tender for obtaining licenses for provision of communication services of 4G in the 2600 MHz band.

Ukraine intends to announce a competition for 4G in the 2600 MHz band in early November, Crimescene on the conduct of conversion and the issuance of licenses on a competitive tender basis, or in the range of 2600 MHz taken at a meeting on October 17, reports mediaUA with reference to the press service of the regulator.

"This decision was made in connection with the statement of LLC "MMDS-Ukraine" about the intention to release the frequency band defined for the introduction of new technologies", - stated in the message.
The decision, in particular, provides for conversion of the radiofrequency resource of Ukraine in bands of radio frequencies 2510-2545 MHz (except frequency bands 2532-2540 MHz in Zaporizhia region, 2540,0-2545,0 MHz in the Kiev region, 2532,0-2540,0 MHz in the Kharkiv region, 2532,0-2540,0 MHz in the ARC and 2532,0-2540,0 MHz in Sevastopol), 2565-2570 MHz (except frequency bands 2565,0-2570,0 MHz in Zaporizhia region), 2630-2665 MHz 2685-2690 MHz in all regions of Ukraine and the results of this conversion, the issuance of licenses or on a competitive tender basis.
In addition, the principal conversion "MMDS-Ukraine" - and the timing of the events conversion: the beginning of the second quarter of 2017, completion - not later than one month from the date of funding the cost of conversion by its initiators.

The decision was made in accordance with the procedure of raising additional extrabudgetary funds for the conversion of radio frequency resource of Ukraine in bands of radio frequencies for General use, approved by the decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of 1 August 2007 (No. 993), and is the result of a long collaboration between users of radio frequency resource, Telecom operators, industry associations and government agencies.
"This decision means the beginning of the active phase of preparation for the 4G tender in the 2600 MHz band, time-bound implementation of all necessary procedures. Next step - submission "MMDS-Ukraine" within two weeks of the conversion plan", - stated in the message.
NCRC emphasizes readiness in parallel to start the process of preparing for 4G tender in the 1800 MHz band for operational adoption of the necessary decisions by users of radio frequency resource in the specified range.
The Cabinet had previously approved all the documents for the tender for 4G in the 2600 MHz band, however, his conduct was unreasonable without addressing the issue of the contest in the 1800 MHz band, where now the operators provide 3G services and where they are much cheaper and easier to switch to 4G standards.

The decision of the NCCIR on approval of the Procedure of holding of competitions or tenders to receive licenses for use of radio frequency resource of Ukraine entered into force on 22 September 2017.