Hundreds of Russians who went abroad to fight on the side of illegal armed groups killed in combat.

"Liquidated directly on the ground fighting," the interior Ministry announced the death of hundreds of RFN who fought for rubezhomom this informed the head of the main Department for combating extremism of the interior Ministry Timur Valiulin, reports mediaUA , citing Interfax.

"Several hundred eliminated on the ground of fighting", - said General of police.
"Keep records of citizens who have left to participate in illegal armed groups. Almost two-thirds of those who left, the evidence base is collected, criminal case", - said Valiulin on Tuesday at a meeting of the presidential Council on human rights in Moscow.

According to him, the interior Ministry concerned by the potential return of the militants back to Russia, but "this situation is kept under control together with the Federal security service". "The situation is though complicated, but it is absolutely controllable", - assured Valiulin.