Participants of the rally under the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine intend to remain in Parliament as long as their demands are met.

"We remain and will continue to achieve our demands as long as necessary", - Nyemchek reports mediaUA, this MP of Ukraine Mustafa Nayem wrote on his page in Facebook.
"We remain and will continue to achieve our demands as long as necessary", - he stressed.
According to him, the meeting with the speaker of the Verkhovna Rada Andriy Parubiy proved fruitless.
"The bad news. Just left of Andriy Parubiy. Today, the coalition doesn't fulfill any of our requirements. The leaders of the Petro Poroshenko Bloc and the PF is ready to be included in the agenda of Thursday two of our demands: abolition of immunity and laws on elections," - said Nayem.

He stressed that he regarded such actions as "hypocrisy and provocation".
"The vast majority of those who now stand in the street and demand political reform, are supporters of Uljany Suprun and medical reform. I personally campaigned for it, give your vote and will do everything I can to it was adopted," said Nye.
He reminded that President of Ukraine promised to introduce to Parliament a law on anti-corruption court last December. "They promised to cancel the immunity for twenty years. Today all these laws are in the Parliament. For consideration need only a few hours. But they deliberately brought the situation to confrontation. The reason is simple - fear. It is easier to provoke on the street than to keep their promises", - Nayem writes.
"A road to nowhere and that's what they want. There is no choice between policy reforms, and healthcare, between thieves landing and improving the health of people. This is the logic of terrorists, not politicians. You must do something, and other", - said the Deputy.