Law enforcement seized an Arsenal of weapons from a man who has a direct relationship to the Donbass battalion.

In the garage, and a supporter Semenchenko discovered an Arsenal of weapons, - Shkiryak. Fotoreportage reports mediaUAabout this on his page in Facebook wrote adviser to the interior Minister Zoryan Shkiryak.
"Today, in the framework of criminal proceedings and conduct investigative measures, the employees of national police and security service carried out the authorized search in the garage of citizen M, which has a direct bearing on the formation of Konstantin Grishin (semen Semenchenko. - Ed.). During a search of the seized Arsenal of weapons:
The AKS, 5 grenades RGD-5, zinc box of rounds of 5.45".
Shkiryak also promised more information posiu and added: "Yesterday, security guards, Sakvarelidze, today colleagues Grishina. Apparently peaceful protests prepared isn't it?... "