Poland wants to return to the present strategic partnership with the Eastern partners, in particular Ukraine, Lithuania and Georgia, and to give them a new quality.

We plan to deepen our relations with Ukraine, Lithuania and Georgia - Poland's new Prime Minister Moravicki

About this during his speech in the Sejm with the programme of action of the new government, said the newly appointed head of the Council of Ministers of Poland Mateusz Morawiecki, reports mediaUA, citing UKRINFORM.

"We want to return to the present strategic partnership in the East. We plan to deepen our relations with Ukraine, Lithuania or Georgia and grant them a new quality," said Morawiecki.

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He stressed that the Foundation of Poland's security is NATO, and the United States remain Poland's main ally.

According to him, Warsaw will continue to unite the countries of the region, in particular in the framework of the "Visegrad group" and the project of Three seas (Adriatic, Baltic, Black sea).

Moravicki stressed that Poland is against the EU "several speeds", and noted that Brussels needs to provide all Community members the same chances of development.

He stressed that the mechanism of distribution of refugees among EU countries was not justified, and Poland is one of the initiators remedy the situation.

During his speech, the new head of the Polish government paid much attention to the economy and social development of the country. He stressed that his government will be a government "of continuing" the fact that the beginning of its predecessor, Beata Szydlo.

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According to Moravcova, his government will be to avoid extremes, he will be as far as to neoliberalism, and socialism.

He added that an important task for his government will increase health spending, increase the minimum wage, environmental protection.

Moravicki emphasized that Warsaw will soon completely cease to be dependent on Russia in terms of energy. He added that Poland wants to build a regional gas hub and to supply gas to neighbors in the region.

The Prime Minister said that the government will prepare the next simplification for small and medium-sized businesses, will continue to reform the Polish education with an emphasis on the education sector.

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