Ukraine may receive from the U.S. lethal defensive weapons after President Donald trump has signed the defense budget for 2018.

The law on the U.S. defense budget authorized the transfer of lethal weapons to Ukraine - Embassy

As reported mediaUA, reported in the statement of the Embassy of Ukraine in USA in Facebook.

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"The US President Donald trump signed the Law on “Budget of the United States to 2018 for the needs of national defence”, which contains the resolution on the allocation of $ 350 million. to provide security assistance to Ukraine. The law authorizes the granting to our country of lethal weapons of a defensive character and greatly expands the parameters of support of Ukraine by the United States in security and defense spheres. Thus, the document includes provisions authorizing the use of funds in the US defense budget to rehabilitate in medical institutions of the United States wounded Ukrainian military personnel, education and training to Ukrainian medical professionals in this field, as well as to enhance the ability of air and naval forces of our country", - stated in the message.

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"For the first time at the legislative level it is proposed to provide Ukraine the following defensive tools: radar air defense and surveillance of the surface environment; naval mine; the ships of coastal actions and coast guard," said the Embassy.