Following the gathering of protesters at the Verkhovna Rada is scheduled for Thursday, and broken under the Parliament building the camp all this time will be just the organizing Committee of the action.

The organizing Committee of the rally and the campground will remain under Council following the gathering of the people announced on Thursday - Nyemchek reports mediaUAabout this on his page in Facebook wrote the Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada from Blok Petro Poroshenko Moustapha Nayem.

"17.10.17: preliminary results. 1. We forced the President and leaders of political factions to remember their campaign promises and start taking concrete steps. 2. For the first time in three years, the Parliament and the President appointed a specific date for consideration of election laws - the relevant Committee shall provide its findings until Thursday. On the same day, the coalition and the speaker of Parliament promised to begin consideration of all five laws. 3. We forced the Parliament to revisit the issue of abolishing the parliamentary immunity. Under pressure from the people, the President has submitted his draft on limiting immunity from 2020. This delay is unacceptable and we will demand these changes are already in this convocation. 4. Under the pressure of the campaign the President's team was forced to withdraw the bill on anti-corruption chambers and begin the formation of the working group on the drafting of a new bill. We, as the authors of the bill, ready to withdraw the bill, to make way for the presidential initiative once it is ready," - he wrote.

"We will continue to enforce our demands. The organizing Committee of the rally and the campground will remain under parlamentom. Following the gathering of the people announced on Thursday. I would like to emphasize that today's action was no provocation by protesters. The incident at the bottom of the frame on the Grushevsky street was provoked by the staff of the national police. The organizers had all permits for the production of tents - they were indicated in our filings," - said Nayem.
We will remind, at the moment, under the Rada passed meeting with the requirement to carry out political reform in Ukraine. According to the organizers of the event, the key demands of the protesters will change the electoral system in Ukraine, in particular, the transition to the proportional system with open lists, the restriction of political advertising on television, create an anti-corruption court, the limitation of parliamentary immunity.
Earlier it became known that the police blocked MPs and activists, who tried to carry tents for the protesters under the Rada. Later, while trying to bring the tent through the checkpoints began clashes of protesters and law enforcement officers.