President Petro Poroshenko visited the premiere of the film "Cyborg". The head of state thanked the creative team that created the film, and congratulated those present on the Day of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Petro Poroshenko also presented the order "For merits" III degree, the Director of the film "Cyborg" Akhtem Seitablaev.

The name "Cyborg" has become synonymous with courage, fortitude and patriotism of the Ukrainian military - Poroshenko during the premiere of the film about the defenders of the DaPa. Photos

This writes the mediaUA , citing the presidential Administration.

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The head of state thanked the creative team for the fact that the premiere was chosen the Day of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. He stressed that thanks to the joint efforts of the Ukrainian people managed to create "one of the most powerful armies on the European continent". "The army, with combat experience, for the training which paid the highest price. 2750 more Ukrainian soldiers, including nearly 2,400 members of Armed Forces of Ukraine gave their lives for Ukraine to be saved. For every scrap of his native land," - said the President.

"It's hard to overestimate the uniqueness of the work that was done. The film is based on a completely accurate documentary material and made in close cooperation with our heroes of the ATO. And a large number of phrases and scenes taken from real life. The name "Cyborg", which our enemies were the aggressors, wanted to hurt us, the opposite has become synonymous with courage, perseverance and patriotism of the Ukrainian soldier", - said Poroshenko. "The word forever go down in the history of the Ukrainian troops, as well as the Donetsk airport, directly connected with what "cyborgs", - he added.
The President also stressed that "the appearance of the film is connected with the revival of the Ukrainian cinema" and noted the importance of the growing popularity of Ukrainian cinema.

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He thanked the Ukrainian artists for the topics that they choose, "Not "yellow", not "tabloid", though they could be more cash. A – Patriotic education."

"I certainly would like to thank you for this Ahtem, and all who have joined," he said.

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Petro Poroshenko reminded about a recent meeting with the filmmakers, during which he signed a new Law that provides additional incentives for the production of Ukrainian cinema. "I am convinced that this process will develop," he added.

He also added that today's the premiere of the film about Ukrainian soldiers is one of the best ways to congratulate our Armed Forces. "Today, we already know that the guarantor of the independence, the guarantor of sovereignty, territorial integrity of our country is the Ukrainian Armed Forces, Ukrainian soldier. Ukrainian soldiers, who so clearly demonstrated in the current movie," - said the President.