Lviv city Executive Committee agreed on the issuance of urban conditions and restrictions for the construction of a mixed office and residential complex, two buildings which will have 25 floors.

Lviv has allowed the construction of two apartment blocks with a height of 90 meters

Conditions and limitations issued by OOO "avalon" status for the construction of the 9 queues prospect chervonoi Kalyny 60 on a plot of 2.1 ha in Showscom area of the city, reports mediaUA, citing Interfax-Ukraine.

Under the project, the complex will consist of 6 residential and two office buildings and plans to build 25 floors up to a height of 90 meters each. At the moment it is the tallest buildings in the city, which allowed to design of the Lviv city Council.

According to the chief of Lviv architect Julian Chaplinsky, 60% of the area planned for housing and the remaining 40% is for offices and trading enterprises. Also near the buildings plans to build a Parking on 1 thousand places.

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