Yesterday the police detained Igor Rudich – freelance journalist company "Accessinfo" and the certificate issued to him temporarily.

The identity of the journalist is not an excuse, the statement "Accessinfo" on the participant Saakashvili threw the knife during the arrest

This was reported in the statement of the editor-in-chief "Accessinfo" Alexei Vorontsov, reports mediaUA.

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"Our organization conducts ongoing outreach about the participation of journalists in events and acquaints all participants with work requirements, and Code Accessinfo. Our organization is balanced and responsible, with the purpose of timely and quality coverage of events that Ukraine is living today. We do not take responsibility for wrongful actions on the part of unauthorized persons, with the purpose of harm to society. I also want to inform you that a temporary license issued to Igor Rudich, today officially canceled and shall cease to have effect. We apologize for the inconvenience," - said Vorontsov.
"Our organization has a large number of freelance journalists. However, we do not always share the views of the authors of our publications and are not responsible for their illegal actions. The identity of the journalist gives you the opportunity to take part in events to highlight them on the pages of our publication, but it is not an excuse for illegal actions," - said the chief editor of "Accrescent".

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