Russia is trying to use the situation with the language law and to destabilize the situation in Hungary through the local right-wing forces.

Russia is trying to destabilize the situation in Hungary, - Klimkin
The Minister stressed that "it is not the government's position", but it is, with an eye on the political situation in the country, used the opportunity to ban the rally and gave the order.
Klimkin said that photos from the action at the Embassy "with the Catalan flags" was shown to European partners.
"There is a limit, there are certain "red lines," - said Klimkin.
At the same time, the Minister believes that anti-Ukrainian hysteria will not end after the election.
"I definitely see Russia's attempts to use this situation. I see Russia's attempts to spin the situation in Hungary. These attempts will certainly continue. We need to be ready to respond to these attempts, not only now but in the future," - said the Minister.
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