Russian security services say about the suppression of attempt of smuggling 20 tons of agricultural products from Ukraine.

The FSB announces the arrest of six Ukrainians in Hcac reports mediaUA Russian "Interfax" reports that six citizens of Ukraine, allegedly violated the state border of the Russian Federation with the aim of smuggling to Russia of about twenty tons of agricultural products detained by officers of border guard of FSB of Russia on the Belgorod and Voronezh regions together with employees of the interior Ministry.
The center of public relations of FSB of Russia informs that the detainees supposedly came from the territory of Ukraine by hiding in one of the train carriages, EN route from Kupyansk (Ukraine) - Valuyki. Train before the Russian checkpoint, according to the FSB, made an unauthorized stop for unloading of smuggled goods. In relation to detainees being investigated.
Two train driver, also citizens of Ukraine, were brought to administrative responsibility.