Permanent representative of Ukraine to the United Nations Volodymyr Yelchenko was recalled to the Russian delegation in the UN security Council about the inevitability of punishment for crimes against Ukraine, by analogy with decisions of the International court in the Hague for Yugoslavia.

The crimes of Russia in Ukraine does not have a Statute of limitations - Yelchenko in the UN security Council

He stated this during a meeting of the security Council on the work of the international tribunals for the former Yugoslavia and Rwanda, commenting on the statement by the representative of Russia about the alleged domestic nature of the conflict in Ukraine, reports mediaUA with reference to

"Russia's reaction to the intervention by the delegation of Ukraine specifies that the Russian side hopes to avoid the dock in the Hague. However, we would like to remind the Russian Federation that her crimes in Ukraine do not have a Statute of limitations," - said Yelchenko.

The diplomat said that he "would not like to repeat again the already known position about the crimes of the aggressor, who were dealt with by international courts."

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"The most honest and responsible way out of the situation created by Russia, is the cessation of aggression, providing appropriate assurances and guarantees that it will not be repeated, as well as full payment of all of the damage," - said the diplomat.

In addition, earlier in the meeting, the Ukrainian permanent representative said that the experience of the international Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia offers hope that war crimes, crimes against humanity and other gross violations of human rights committed by Russia against Ukraine will not remain without punishment and justice will prevail.

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