The bill on the prison service, registered in the Verkhovna Rada, is the basis for the sequencing operation of the system as a whole, it needs work of human rights defenders and experts.

The bill on the prison system is only the Foundation, the whole law can be accepted not earlier than spring - Chernyshov

This was stated by the Deputy Minister of justice of Ukraine Denis Chernyshov, according to mediaUA with reference to Interfax-Ukraine.

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"You can't say that this law will change something in the old law, as the law on the penitentiary system did not exist. The law is designed to streamline the operation of the system as a whole, the work of staff, his social security, to indicate that the prison system is, what its goals and objectives in the society", - said Dmitry Chernyshev in comments to the Agency.

He stressed that the main functions of the penitentiary system – is the isolation and resocialization. "We need this to lay the Foundation, because without it, the house can not be built. So, the main objective of the bill is to lay the Foundation. And then step by step we will move. It is necessary to make the system open to changes," - said the Deputy Minister.

According to D. Chernyshov, because the prison system is a kind of "country to country", it is necessary to consider all aspects of the personnel system, his training, social security, living conditions of prisoners, their work, medical care and the probation system.

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Deputy Minister of justice explained that the transitional provisions to the bill more than the document, because its adoption would entail a lot of changes in by-laws concerning the penitentiary system.

He said that, according to the bill, some units will remain in the system of the Ministry of justice (policy of the prison service, monitoring the observance of human rights), while other units will be supervised by the Ministry.

"I expect that within a few months we'll get the bill at the first hearing. In the best case overall would be adopted in the spring. In comparison with the health care reform, which affects everyone, other more pressing problems, we are not a priority and understand it," - said Dmitry Chernyshov.

The Deputy Minister said that it would be possible to make a tracing of the draft law on the penitentiary system on the example of Norway or other countries in which the system is at a high level and meets all necessary requirements. "But we don't want to offer something unrealistic for implementation, which require huge financial investments," he said.

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The Deputy Minister said that he expects suggestions and edits to the bill from experts, human rights defenders, to have subsequently suspended in all aspects of the law.

Speaking directly about the individual provisions of the bill, D. Chernyshov noted that, for example, in the work of paramilitary units "there is nothing new globally will not."

According to him, the project involves the possibility of selection of personnel, provision of social guarantees.

"We are laying changes to terms of life imprisonment. Open the window of opportunity in order to, including, and sentenced to life imprisonment had a hypothetical possibility to be released on parole", - noted the Deputy Minister.

In particular, we are talking about the possibility of replacing a life sentence for a period of 15 years of imprisonment after serving a 10-year sentence. One who has attained in prison the age of 65, can also get the replacement of life imprisonment with a 10-year period.

With regard to prison labour, he, according to the draft law, is not mandatory, but at the same time, the motivation of prisoners to work: work experience, employment contract, insurance premiums.

"We are moving towards liberalization and lay the basis for this", - concluded Dmitry Chernyshov.

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As reported, on 27 November, a number of people's deputies of Ukraine registered in the Verkhovna Rada a draft law No. 7337 of the prison system. According to information on the website of the Parliament, more than 20 MPs, mostly members of the parliamentary Committee on legislative support of law enforcement, filed the initiative on November 24.

As noted in the explanatory Memorandum, the bill is developed in the framework of the working group from among representatives of the relevant Committee of the Verkhovna Rada and the Ministry of justice of Ukraine.