The FBI is working with the National anti-corruption Bureau and the ARS within the limits defined by the Memorandum of understanding signed in June 2016.

We work with National anti-corruption Bureau according to the signed in 2016 Memorandum - FBI cooperation with anti-corruption authorities of Ukraine

As reported mediaUA in response to the request of the Ukrainian service of "Voice of America" Federal Bureau of investigation has issued an official statement regarding the nature of the work of the state Agency of the USA in Ukraine.

"In the June 2016 year, the FBI and the National anti-corruption Bureau adopted a Memorandum of understanding. This Memorandum allows the FBI to provide National anti-corruption Bureau and the Special anti-corruption Prosecutor's office (SAP) assistance in the field investigations, training development. The FBI adheres to the laws of Ukraine and never works outside defined by Memorandum of understanding.

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FBI agents working in this direction in the National anti-corruption Bureau on a temporary, rotating basis to support the relationship between the parties. These special agents and intelligence is not operational (are not operational - the original language). L

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Later, the FBI added to the original text the following sentence: "In the fight against corruption all law enforcement agencies must work together".

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SBU detained agent of the National anti-corruption Bureau, the son of the former"regions" of the boyar, while trying to bribe the Deputy head of Gosmigratsii Emahool
The GPU and the SBU illegally intervened in the operation ". However, the SBU carried out searches in the National anti-corruption Bureau
it turned out that the VAS was a boyar and agent of the National anti-corruption Bureau with special equipment