World Bank President Jim Yong Kim believes that anti-corruption bodies have made achievements in the fight against corruption and in need of support.

"Anti-corruption bodies already have achievements in exposing corruption," world Bank chief Jim Yong Kim has supported National anti-corruption Bureau

It is reported mediaUA, this reports the press service of the National anti-corruption Bureau.

The report notes: "the Newly established anti-corruption bodies already have achievements in exposing corruption and fighting it. Therefore, for the further implementation of anti-corruption reforms in Ukraine, these organs need support.

This belief is world Bank chief Jim Yong Kim has expressed during a meeting with the Director of the National anti-corruption Bureau Artem Sytnik, which was held in the framework of the Global forum on asset recovery, which for December 4-6, takes place in Washington.During the meeting the parties discussed the pressures on the National anti-corruption Bureau, the investigations to expose the top of corruption and the prospects for creating an anti-corruption court in Ukraine.

We remind you that during the last visit to Ukraine this month, Jim Yong Kim noted that the establishment of an anti-corruption court in Ukraine is critically important for further growth of the Ukrainian economy and, moreover, it is one of the conditions of Ukraine's cooperation with the International monetary Fund .

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