The Russian occupation troops continue to fire on positions of Ukrainian Armed Forces, using mortars of various calibres and tanks that should have long been withdrawn from the contact line at a fixed distance. Particularly active, the enemy violated the truce at dusk.

During the last day no one Ukrainian soldier was injured. The enemy had carried out 27 attacks in the area ATO.

mediaUA, the press center of the ATO

Thus, according to the staff, at the direction of Lugansk invaders intensified in the dark. If the day was recorded one attack of positions of VSU from 120-mm mortars in the area Novoluganskoe, the night the enemy repeatedly from 82-mm mortars, grenade launchers and small arms fired at the Ukrainian defence fortifications mind vblizi Luhansk. Rocket-propelled grenades fired at the enemy defenders and May Novoaleksandrovka, from light infantry weapons, the defenders Lobacheva and Luhansk.

In Donetsk direction during the day was hottest on the sea of Azov. Here the occupants of mortars of various types and arms of smaller caliber repeatedly fired a number of settlements on the outskirts of Mariupol, in particular Water and Starognatovka. For the defenders of Shirokino, among other things, was hitting the tank. Rocket-propelled grenades and small arms fighters fired at positions of forces of ATO in the area of Hnutove.

Read the " mediaUA": the Russian Mercenaries fired on AFU positions near Shirokino from 120-mm mortars and tank, - ATO headquarters

In the evening the epicenter of the confrontation from the Azov sea has moved to the suburbs of Avdeevka. Advocates of this front-line city the aggressor repeatedly fired from all the available Arsenal of infantry weapons and mortars.

"In General, during the last day recorded 27 violations of the cease-fire by the invaders. More than half of the cases of Ukrainian soldiers suppressed the firing activity of the enemy.

As a result of shelling none of the Ukrainian defender has not suffered", - is told in the message.

times opened fire on positions of AFU.