The Secretary of National security and defense Alexander Turchinov personally presented to the Parliament amendments to the "Law on state special transport service".

At the initiative of the Secretary of the NSDC Turchynov, the deputies moved haspeslagh transport to the subordination of the Ministry of defense. VIDEO

This writes the parliamentary correspondent of mediaUA.

According to Turchynov, this law was developed in pursuance of the NSDC decision, which was clearly identified the need for functioning from 1 January 2018 the state special service of transport in the Ministry of defense.

Turchynov noted that today "the military-political situation requires efficient transport and logistics for the Armed forces and other voenizirovannaya groups in terms of countering the aggression of the Russian Federation".

The essence of this bill is to transfer gosudarstvennoy special transport service from the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Infrastructure under the Ministry of defense.

Is also determined by the strength of this service - five thousand people.

"For" voted 232 deputies.

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