The leader of the party "Movement new forces," Mikheil Saakashvili stated that he is not hiding from law enforcement and is going to come in for questioning on Wednesday, 6 December. In turn, the "movement of new forces" refute this information.

6 Dec Saakashvili will hold a briefing at BP. For questioning is not going to go (updated)

This was reported by his press Secretary Daria Siskin, reports mediaUA, with reference to "Ukrainian news".
"He is now in the tent under the Rada next to me," she said.

According to her, Saakashvili does not intend to disappear from militiamen on Wednesday plans to voluntarily appear for questioning.

In turn, in the comments pack press-Secretary of "RNS" Marian Pachter said that Saakashvili for questioning will not go.

"There are no procedural documents Saakashvili did not sign and did not. Neither he nor his lawyers. He doesn't even handed a notice of suspicion," said Pachter.

The spokesman added that on Wednesday, the politician will hold a briefing at the Verkhovna Rada, which together with the lawyers explaining the situation.

Earlier "Ukrainian news" wrote that Saakashvili is going to come in for questioning on Wednesday. According to the press-Secretary of "RNS", the news is false.

The postman has denied the information that the politician's press-Secretary Darya Siskin talked to "Ukrainian news".

At the same time, the Agency insists - Siskin has previously stated that "he no one will not hide and will come in for questioning."

detained Saakashvili is participating in the support members of the criminal organizations. during the search he was detained by militiamen

Later, the attorney General Lutsenko at the briefing said that the shares Saakashvili financed Kurchenko. Also , the GPU has published a "negotiations associate of Saakashvili and a representative of the Bank" and