The authorities of Ukraine it is important now to focus on moving forward within the framework of the reform plan is not the time to think about the elections, the first Deputy managing Director International monetary Fund (IMF) David Lipton.

Ukraine now it is important to follow the reform plan: no more time to think about the elections, - the Deputy head of Mufob this he said in an interview to "Interfax-Ukraine" reports mediaUA.
"Ukraine, above all, it is important to follow the plan of reforms and to reach agreement with us on the next revision... the Main thing now is whether Ukraine will be able to strengthen the stabilization and move to economic growth, which will allow the country to solve its problems. This is the most important issue is not the time to think about elections," said Lipton.

"If Ukraine decides to suspend the reform or to take a step back, she could lose everything achieved to date, benefits achieved changes. Similar has happened in Ukrainian history, and not even once. If the government will focus on how to move forward, there will be opportunities for further refinancing of its debt and strengthening public finances as a whole," he said.
"You need to use the time before the election to move forward on the program and to achieve greater progress. Then everyone will be able to conduct an election campaign in a stronger economy," concluded Lipton.