Recorded a dynamic increase of revenues from single tax payers.

Ukrainians from the beginning of the year paid more than $ 11 billion of a single tax, - Gpscat reports mediaUA, writes Xia on the page of the State fiscal service in the network Facebook.
According to the report, the dynamics of growth of budget revenues and the number of single tax payers is observed due to the improved level of tax administration, in particular, simplification of business conditions and optimization of groups of payers of the simplified system.
"Every year the GFS captures the dynamics of the increase of revenues from single tax payers 2-3 billion UAH. 70% of contributions mainly fall on entrepreneurs in the third group. If in 2014 paid the amount of the single tax was almost 3, 5 billion UAH, in 2015 - 4.8 billion UAH, in 2016, the entrepreneurs of the third group paid almost $ 8.4 billion UAH. For 9 months of the current year paid the amount of their single tax was more than 8 billion UAH", - is told in the message.

Today the number of single tax payers, have chosen:
the first group the first group of the simplified tax system is 218,8 million people (or 17.6 percent);
the second group 606,7 thousand people (or 48.7 per cent);
the third group - 419,6 thousand people (33.7 per cent).