Faction "NF" emphasizes the need for the developments of the draft law on anti-corruption court, which will regulate the system of anti-corruption proceedings.

We support elections based on open lists, and always advocated the lifting of parliamentary immunity, - Bourbaki this was stated by the head of the faction Maxim Bourbaki during the conciliation Council, noting that the Venice Commission criticized both registered in the Parliament of the bill on this subject, informed mediaUA the press service of the NF.

"The Venice Commission has criticized both bills."NF" has repeatedly stressed that it is necessary to create a working group to draft a new bill, which will regulate the system of anti-corruption justice system," he said.
Maksym Burbak also stressed that "NF" supports the abolition of parliamentary immunity "and proved it by voting for the appropriate changes to the Constitution in the first reading."
"Let me remind you that our faction has supported changes to the Constitution in the first reading for removal of immunity of deputies and judges. "NF" has also supported the submission of the state office of public Prosecutor about removal of inviolability from deputies of this convocation," - said Maxim Bourbaki.
"As the Parliament and the Prosecutor General's office revoked the immunity, this has not happened in the history of Ukraine. Let me remind you that the first time was lifted the immunity of MPs of the ruling coalition," - said Maxim Bourbaki.
"We support the decision of the Chairman of Parliament to the relevant Committee has considered this week introduced the President's bill (about removal of parliamentary immunity), and made available for consideration", - said the head of the faction.
In addition, Maksym Burbak stressed that the faction "NF" supports the holding of parliamentary elections by open lists.
"NF" for open lists. I want to remind all factions that actively campaigned for the bill on the electoral law on local elections and that elections in 2015. Under this law, in many localities, many districts received no Deputy. For example, in Chernivtsi, in the County where I live, no MP, because such a ridiculous bill," - said the head of the faction.
He stressed that the Parliament was as many as 7 bills on this subject, but you need one-quality law.
"It is necessary to efficiently were worked out amendments to the electoral law. We know that there are now 7 bills, one of them is the President of the Parliament," - said Bourbaki.
He also noted that the next parliamentary elections will be held in 2019.
"I want to remind everyone that the next elections to the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine will take place in 2019. As if all politicians would love to do all that was extraordinary elections, - cease to engage in politicking, it is better to work in committees and session hall. First reforms then election laws - then we get to the elections ", - said Maxim Bourbaki.