Investigators of the security Service of Ukraine sent to court the criminal proceedings against the Russian soldier and saboteur of Victor Ageeva and two militants of the so-called "LNR".

SBU sent to the court case of a soldier of the Russian Federation Ageev reported mediaUA, this reports the press service of the SBU.
"The investigation revealed that the soldier of the armed forces of the Russian Federation in March 2017 joined terrorist groups, which carried out the functions of the individual machine gunner "reconnaissance company". His two accomplices, residents of Alchevsk and Severodonetsk in 2014 were part of gangs dremova and so-called "Cossack regiment named after Platov"," - said in the message.

It is noted that in may of 2017 as part of a subversive group they moved to the controlled by the Ukrainian authorities of the territory Novoaydarskiy area. Saboteurs found members of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, during the detention, two of the militants were destroyed on the spot.

The terrorists ' actions are qualified under part 1 article 258-3 (creation of terrorist group or terrorist organization) and part 1 St. 263 (illegal handling of weapons, ammunition and explosives) the Criminal code of Ukraine. Sanctions of articles prescribe punishment for the term from eight till fifteen years of imprisonment.
Recall Ageyev was arrested by Ukrainian soldiers in the Luhansk region. He is currently held in jail in Starobilsk.
In an interview to Ukrainian TV channel Ageev said that is in Novocherkassk, in the regiment of communication and training center of the aerospace defence forces of Russia. He confirmed that in March of 2017 arrived in Rostov region and signed a contract on service in the Armed forces of the Russian Federation. According to him, he came to his unit, stayed there for 4 days, I signed a contract and almost immediately was sent to the Donbass.