Workers in the maintenance, operation and monitoring of technological equipment, Assembly of equipment and machines as well as skilled workers with the tool become the most popular source of vacancies offered by employers in September.

In Ukraine, the shortage of highly skilled workers, the state employment service reported mediaUA with reference to the UBR, it is stated in the analytical note of the State employment service of Ukraine.
So, when the total number of registered vacancies more than 73 thousand, the number of jobs in these specialties accounted for more than 32 thousand
As of the end of September, demand was also professionals in the field of trade and services - 9215 jobs, professional jobs 7707, legislators, senior civil servants, executives, managers - 4667 vacancies.

In geographical terms the largest number of jobs offered in Kiev - 12 571 vacancies. The leaders of Lviv region (6608 vacancies), Dnipropetrovsk oblast (5498 vacancies), Kyiv region (4767 vacancies), Zhytomyr (3466 vacancies), Poltava region (3096 vacancies), Volyn and Vinnitsa oblasts (2959 2391 and vacancies, respectively).