Russia was not invited to the meeting of the parliamentary Assembly of the black sea economic cooperation to be held in Kiev.

Russia was not invited to the session of the PABSEC General Assembly in Kyiv, writes About this mediaUA , citing Interfax.
"What happened is completely unprecedented case when the Ukrainian side - the country-organizer - Russia was not invited, member country, the meeting of the General Assembly of the PABSEC. This is the first time in 25-year history of the PABSEC", - said the head of the delegation, state Duma Deputy Mikhail Emelyanov.
According to him, the PABSEC is a rather complex organization, it includes countries that have bilateral conflicts, "but has never been to the country, which has a sharp conflict with the other party, was not invited delegation to the meeting."

Yemelyanov said that Russia will "closely monitor the situation at the session of the PABSEC General Assembly in Kyiv." "If they adopted some anti-Russian decisions, we are of course going to challenge them, including legal grounds," he warned.
The black sea economic cooperation organization unites 12 States of the black sea region and Southern Balkans. It was created for cooperation, peace and stability in the Black sea basin.