Former Deputy Prosecutor General of Ukraine David Sakvarelidze said that the security Service of Ukraine blocked the delivery to the regions of leaflets with invitations to the protest in Kiev.

Sakvarelidze says that the SBU blocked the delivery by regions of leaflets with invitation to the event on October 17 in Kavacik reports mediaUA, he wrote on the page in Facebook.
"A few days ago a group of activists began to circulate in regions of leaflets inviting people to join the action, which is scheduled for 9.30 am on 17 October near the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine," - says Sakvarelidze.
Qualify, according to him, is simple and obvious: make the laws to limit parliamentary immunity, on the anti-corruption court and a new electoral rules.

"Tuesday delivery "New mail" blocked employees of the SBU (of the known - Vyacheslav gritsina, Anton Lesik) with the aim to prevent the distribution in front of the shops "Roshen" and the state administrations", - he wrote.
"I want to appeal to SBU and the presidential Administration: don't be afraid of plain paper, do not break the law and not to obey criminal orders, remembering what happened to those who succumbed to them in the days of Viktor Yanukovych. I also want to refer to the owners of the "New mail" not to be afraid of the changes in the country, which requires people. Not worth it because of the fear of getting on one side with the interim government in Ukraine", - he wrote.