Former Deputy head of the Department for investigation of particularly important cases in the sphere of economy, GPU Dmitry WM called involved in the opening of a criminal case against a member of the High Council of justice Paul Grechkovskogo. The investigation was initiated in this Department of the GPU on August 19, 2016.

A former employee of the GPU WM called customer case against Greczkowski he said this in an interview, "Ukrainian truth", answering questions about the criminal prosecution of people's Deputy Sergey Fishing, reports RBC Ukraine.
"Test Fishing (we are talking about the businessman Gennady Butkevich) another pedal question by the member of the High Council of justice, Gretkowska", - said Dmitry WM. The reasons for this conflict, he did not provide details.
Among involved in the opening of a criminal case against Grechkovskogo, a former employee of the GPU called his immediate superior Huculak. "The goal was always the same. Put the head of the Department. Lutsenko I was not Gretkowska", - said Dmitry WM.
Paul Grechkovsky in fact confirmed the version stated in an interview with Dmitry Susa. "These names were already on 22 September last year, at a closed session of the Pechersk court, when I called all those involved in this provocation. It was a lot of press, but prosecutors asked for the closed mode. Why? This interview provides the answer to this question - there are the managers and employees of the Prosecutor's office, "embedded" in the system of execution of orders," wrote Paul Grechkovsky.
He believes that the facts given in the publication, should be the subject of an investigation by the National anti-corruption Bureau and said he was ready once again to testify.
A member of the VSP Paul Grechkovsky and his lawyers have repeatedly said that the criminal case was instigated at the request of a businessman, but the specific name was not specified.
Gennady Butkevich - owner of the supermarket chain "ATB", is included in the rankings of the richest people of Ukraine.