The journalist Denis Kazansky released information that today, on 14 November in Pavlohrad had a trial of a separatist Sergei Belogorodskaya, but it was postponed so he could go under house arrest. Journalist Sergei Costeiu that illuminates the process is unknown procolo car tyres.

The trial of a separatist Belogorodskaya delay, so he could go under house arrest. Journalist Costeiu that illuminates the court slashed the tires, - Kazanskiy reports mediaUA, this Kazan wrote on Facebook.
Jouranlist said: "Today in Pavlograd was to be held the next trial on the case of the separatist Sergei Belogorodskaya, but the meeting once again postponed. It is clearly tightened, and he belogorodskaya pretends to be ill to get out of jail under house arrest.
I've written before about this person and about how the people's Deputy from Blok of Petro Poroshenko Oleg Nedava trying to get him out of jail.

After the publication of any official reaction from the Bloc of Petro Poroshenko about the relations of his Deputy with the accused in the financing of terrorism Belogorodskaya and not followed. Decided to ignore it and not explain anything. However, Nedava then stopped going to court."
He continued: "Today journalist Sergei Kostiw, who arrived at the next court session, slashed the tires. Now he is waiting for the police. Did it most likely people of Belgorod - there are a video surveillance, going to try to establish exactly who is involved in this. But no doubt that it was revenge for the lighting process, no. I think, if not for the scandal around this subject, belogorodskaya would have left on freedom."

"In General, everything is as if it never changed. How pierced regionals reporters tyres in the elections in 2010 and 2012 when we wrote about the fraud and stuffing in the Donetsk region, and continue to pierce. Unfortunately, they still feel themselves masters in this country. And, it seems, reasonably" concluded Kazan.