National Agency on corruption prevention (NACP) said that the released former head of the Department of financial control and monitoring of the lifestyle of NACP by Anna Solomatina is not true, which is why the Agency will file a lawsuit in court demanding to refute the information voiced.

The information spread by a former employee of the Agency, is misleading, NACP writes About this mediaUA with reference to the statement of the NACP.

"The briefing of the ex-head of the Department of financial control and monitoring of the lifestyle, held today with the participation of deputies of Ukraine is spreading false information, negative messages to discredit the work of the National Agency for prevention of corruption. In this regard, the National Agency in the near future will direct to court the statement of claim with refutation released today false information. Petition will be filed in the appropriate district court of Kyiv in the place of registration of the defendant", - said in a statement on the website of NACP.
The Agency also indicated that common on Tuesday the information "without specific facts," is a "personal attack" on the head of the NACP Natalia Korchak, members and staff of the national Agency and the "attempt to discredit successfully initiated anti-corruption reforms in Ukraine".

"In an open National anticorruption Bureau of Ukraine criminal proceedings according to the materials of the former head of the Department of financial control and monitoring of the National lifestyle, the Agency is ready to cooperate and is interested in obtaining objective and unbiased result. Due to the significant great public interest in the joint work of anti-corruption bodies of the National Agency refers to the Specialized anti-corruption Prosecutor's office to ensure appropriate procedural guidance", - reads the statement of the NACP.
Earlier Tuesday, the head of the Department of financial control and monitoring lifestyle NACP Solomatina said that checking e-declaring falsified and asked the anti-corruption bodies to investigate the facts of illegal actions, and the head of NACP Natalia Korchak to suspend from duty during the investigation.
She also reported that he wrote a letter of resignation from his post. Also of resignation from his post wrote to several people, including the heads of other departments, NACP.

According to A. Solomatina, she is currently in the hospital, but she knows that already prepared the order for her dismissal.