Specialized anti-corruption Prosecutor's office (SAP) has opened a criminal case on the possible abuse of persons, Department of state Executive service of the Ministry of justice of Ukraine in the accrual and payment of remuneration of public performers. Detectives of the National anti-corruption Bureau (National anti-corruption Bureau) are engaged in pre-trial investigation.

SAP has opened a case of possible abuse of the officials of the Department of justice when calculating the remuneration this writes mediaUA with reference to Interfax-Ukraine.

"2 October 2017 Specialized anti-corruption Prosecutor's office General Prosecutor's office of Ukraine submitted information to the Unified register of pre-judicial investigations No. 42017000000003114 on the grounds of the possible Commission of a criminal offense under part 1 of article 364 (abuse of power or position - if) of the Criminal code of Ukraine", - informs the press service of the National anti-corruption Bureau at the request of the Agency "Interfax-Ukraine", received on Tuesday.
The Bureau explained that we are talking about the fact of possible abuse by officials of the Department of state Executive service of the Ministry of justice of Ukraine by its official position in the calculation and payment of remuneration to government contractors (in accordance with decree No. 643 of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine dated September 8, 2016).
The implementation of pre-trial investigation in this case has been assigned to the detectives of the National anti-corruption Bureau. Carry out all necessary investigative (search) actions.

The National anti-corruption Bureau reminded that the disclosure of any information about the progress of the investigation (investigation) actions may affect the status of the preliminary investigation. Thus, taking into account part 1 of article 222 of the criminal procedure code of Ukraine, according to which pre-trial investigation can be disclosed only with the permission of the investigator or Prosecutor and in the extent to which they recognize it is possible to provide other information, including the particular facts and circumstances established during the investigation, it is not possible.