In the Obolon district of Kyiv on Tuesday, November 14, there was an assault. Robbers attacked the man and selected at it a bag in which was previously almost 100 thousand dollars (about 2 million 700 thousand UAH).

Three unknown men robbed a man in Kiev became their production of $100 thousand, - "Browser". VideoCAM reports mediaUA, this "Columnist" has learned from its own sources.
The attack occurred on the Avenue of Stepan Bandera (formerly Moscow Avenue), next to the showroom "Vnner Avtomat".
In the video, which was available to "Browser", shows how close to people (a man and a woman) stopped the car. From the car jumped three masked men.
Male pedestrians immediately began to run, holding a bag, chased after him, two criminals. They knocked the victim down and took the loot.
At this time the third intruder attacked a woman, tore her bag. However, the woman resisted.
Apparently, at this point, the robber "otmakhova" he hit a woman with legs (made a trip) and ran to the accomplices in the car.
The police is engaged in search of malefactors.