At the Central railway station in Kiev, check the anonymous message about the mining, the workers and the passengers were evacuated, the train did not stop.

Unknown reported about a mining of the Kiev Central railway station, hospitals and the shopping center "Gulliver": the police checks this writes mediaUA with reference to the press service of "Ukrzaliznytsya".
"Today at 18:10 unknown on the phone said duty at the station about mining of the Central train station in Kiev", - stated in the message.
All workers and passengers evacuated, and also informed law enforcement agencies and the State service of Ukraine for emergency situations.
"Delays in the movement of trains, passengers boarding was carried out through the adjacent building transitions. Order forms for tickets purchased via the Internet, passengers can print to suburban station Kiev-Passenger", - stated in the message.
Head of the communications division of the police of Kiev Oksana Blischik also said about the anonymous message about mining of the hospital and the shopping center "Gulliver" in the Pechersk district.
"To protect people, was carried out the evacuation: from hospital - 150 people (check over dangerous objects is not revealed), out of the station 900, "Gullivera" the evacuation continues," - wrote Blischik.