A former member of the National Agency for prevention of corruption Ruslan Radetsky declared that the former head of the Department of financial control and monitoring lifestyle NACP Anna Solomatina was involved in those offenses at the Agency, which she said today.

Dismissed for financial fraud Solomatin decided to act like antikorruptsionera, the former Deputy head of the NACP Redecking reports mediaUA, he wrote about this on his page in Facebook.

"Ukraine without corruption! Today the former worker NACP made revealing statements about corruption among employees of NACP. In terms of talent Korczak and other members of the NACP agree with it. However, I said this publicly back in March and being a member of NACP. Then, as Solomatin, who was fired along with chief of staff Tkachenko for financial fraud, have decided to act like antikorruptsionera. But it's worth noting that the Fox came in a rabbit fur coat!" - posted by Radetzky.
"It's a shame that when I was trying to convey to MPs the truth is Mustafa Nayem some reason I was interrupted and not allowed to Express an opinion, but in the end, to convey the circumstances of the involvement that is Solomatina those offences about which it has told from a tribune. Therefore, the thief on the cap off, I came to tell you how to catch a "thief." Nonsense!" concluded a former member of the NACP.

Earlier Tuesday, the head of the Department of financial control and monitoring lifestyle NACP Solomatina said that checking e-declaring falsified and asked the anti-corruption bodies to investigate the facts of illegal actions, and the head of NACP Natalia Korchak to suspend from duty during the investigation.
She also reported that he wrote a letter of resignation from his post. Also of resignation from his post wrote to several people, including the heads of other departments, NACP.

According to A. Solomatina, she is currently in the hospital, but she knows that already prepared the order for her dismissal.