State concern "Ukroboronprom" has acted with an official explanation of the minimum information about the American company, which announced the investment of $ 150 million in GP "the Kharkov state aviation production enterprise".

"Ukroboronprom" an investor from the United States: It is the project company created for a specific work only with Kharkiv aviastroitelniy reports mediaUA, reported in the official report of the concern.
"Ukroboronprom" note: "In connection with the increased interest in investing Oriole American Capital Group GP "Kharkov state aircraft manufacturing company" of 150 million dollars, should report the following.
American company Oriole Capital Group is a SPV (special purpose vehicle) is a project company. SPV is frequent and used in international practice for the implementation of a particular project and the effective management of individual business processes.
Oriole Capital Group, as the SPV created for a specific project with the "Kharkiv state aviation production enterprise", and its purpose is the accumulation of resources from different types of investors, funds and General management of the project, which is a common world practice.
Oriole Capital Group was established after an open competition to attract investors, conducting technical and legal audit "of Kharkiv state aviation production enterprise", and is the result of eighteen months of negotiations.
The founders Oriole Capital Group is a U.S. citizen Hossein, Mousavi, who has experience in managing companies and solutions in the field of aviation and telecommunications, and Nabil Barakat, the owner of Wamar Inc. Wamar Inc. which develops projects in the security sector and defense, including aviation in the United States and the Middle East since 1983. The main customers are the U.S. Department of State and the state security organization. In addition Wamar Inc operates in the fuel and energy sector.
The team of the project experts with experience at Boeing, Hawker Beechcraft, Macdonald Douglas, and other aviation corporations.
I should note that "Ukroboronprom" holds "resuscitation" for "Kharkov state aviation production enterprise", which has accumulated large losses and have not released any aircraft over the last 5 years.
The company is in a bankruptcy procedure with debts of over 3 billion, and given the status of enterprises not subject to privatization, alienation of assets of the company prohibited by law and is impossible.
The implementation of the agreements is one of the real ways to save the company".

As reported mediaUA earlier, a group of Infonapalm paniyas of the seriousness of an American investor who promised to invest in the Kharkiv aircraft plant $150 million, as the Internet is very little information about the company