Ukrainian officials in Transcarpathia condemned the removal of a group of nationalist forces of the national flag of Hungary with the building of the city Council of Beregovo Transcarpathian region, which caused a sharp reaction in Hungary.

The head of the Transcarpathian regional state administration Moskal and mayor of Beregovo Babiak condemned the withdrawal of the nationalists the removal of the flag of Hungary in front of gorsovetskaja reports mediaUA, the Chairman of the Transcarpathian regional state administration Gennady Moskal in a statement on its website, called the incident "a provocation and xenophobic campaign" and added: "the Political fringe-provocateurs will not be able to embroil the Ukrainian Hungarians".
He recalled that the right to use national symbols guarantees minorities the Declaration of rights of nationalities of Ukraine and the law "On national minorities".
According to Moskal, in his time, also worked in the internal Affairs bodies and reached the post of Deputy Minister of internal Affairs of Ukraine, it is "very strange position of the police, who passively watched the provocation in Berehove".
"The inactivity got to give the leadership of the interior Ministry, which has already sent a corresponding appeal", - he added.
The mayor of Beregovo Zoltan Babiak, Facebook called the incident "an action of extremists, the purpose of which was to evoke a sense of fear."
"Now the relations between Ukraine and Hungary is not cloudless, which automatically affects the relations between the two Nations. Despite this, our city managed to preserve peace between ethnic groups, peace, and tolerance that have always characterized the multicultural Beregovo, where representatives of different nationalities. It is therefore unclear to us everything that occurred on Sunday, November 12, in our city, " he wrote.
"When I was elected mayor, the city Council has already waved the flags of Ukraine, Beregovo Hungarian national tricolor, and after the revolution of dignity we hung the EU flag in sign of the values to which we aspire. Will make every effort to ensure that the city Council waving the flags and then when my place will be a new mayor! ", - he added.
Babiak also drew attention to the actions of law enforcement officers, who, in his words, "tried to control events of the action, but they failed, for example, to prevent, to disrupt the national flag of the Hungarians from the building of the city Council." "Together with residents expected more decisive action, the termination of the provocation, not passive contemplation", - said the mayor of Beregovo.
As reported mediaUA, 12 November the Ukrainian n ationality in Berehove in Transcarpathia took the Hungarian flag to the city Council. Official Budapest made a statement and was summoned to the foreign Ministry the Ukrainian Ambassador