The operational situation in the ATO area remains difficult. Under the control of armed rebels continue to use arms against the Ukrainian defenders. Particularly active enemy violates the cease-fire in the evening and night.

For the last days 2 Ukrainian soldiers were wounded. The enemy 33 times violated the ceasefire, the ATO headquarters reported mediaUA, it is stated in the message press center ATO published in Facebook.
So, according to the headquarters, in the dark, on the Lugansk direction the enemy has sharply increased the number of attacks. In particular, using mortars with caliber of 120 mm, rocket-propelled grenades and small arms invaders 4 times fired at the defenders of Novotoshkovskoye. Of the same armed Russian mercenaries have opened fire on the fortifications of the ATO forces in the area May. Using infantry weapons, the militants also broke a truce near Trinity, Crimean, Zaitsev and Luhansk.
On Donetsk the direction from grenade launchers and small arms were several times fired on our positions in the suburbs of Avdeevka. Under enemy fire from 82-mm mortar rounds and small arms were the defenders of Marinka, near Mariupol Russian-terrorist troops have released about 5 min with a caliber of 120 mm for the defenders of Pavlopol. In the same area under RPG fire hit the strongholds of the near Shirokino.

"In General, over the past few days, fighters 33 times violated the truce. Members of the Armed Forces of Ukraine 23 times opened adequate return fire. As a result of enemy attacks on two Ukrainian soldiers got wounds", - is told in the message.

Recall, 13 November, the Russian mercenaries 33 times opened fire on positions of AFU.