The Polish government will refuse to receive refugees in the framework of the new EU programme for resettlement, because it took a large number of Ukrainians.

Poland refuses to accept refugees on EU allowances, as made the "many Ukrainians", - the interior Minister Blashak this was stated by the Minister of internal Affairs of Poland Mariusz Blashak, reports mediaUA with reference to
According to Blaschka in Poland is already "a lot of Ukrainians," and a new concept of resettlement threaten the country.
"Poland will not declare the reception, because we have already adopted, which are stationed in Poland. A priority for us, the most important task is security. Such ideologically motivated concept as the distribution and movement should not be subjected to Poland and the poles threats", - said the Minister.

Blascak also noted that the resettlement will not be an effective mechanism of solving the problem, and will only lead to a large wave of migration of refugees to Europe.
According to the Minister, in Poland there are over a million Ukrainians, partially migrant workers, and partly to leave the country after the invasion of Russia. Unlike Muslims, Ukrainians are well integrated, said Blashek.
Earlier it was reported that the EU is ready to file in court and subjected to fines Hungary, Flattered and Czech Republic for their failure to comply with the quotas on the distribution of refugees from Africa who arrive in Greece and Italy.