By the evening of 14 October, all the detainees in occupied to the Crimea of participants of pickets were released from police stations.

Occupants in the Crimea, released all the detained participants of pickets writes About this mediaUA with reference to
Pickets were held in Simferopol, Dzhankoy, Sudak, Feodosia, Yalta, Kirov, Alushta, Soviet and Belogorsk regions, on the highway Simferopol-Bakhchisarai. People held placards reading "Muslims of the Crimea - your neighbors, not terrorists", "Stop lawlessness of the security forces of the Crimea", "Freedom for political prisoners", "Terrorists in the Crimea was not, and never will be", "1944 traitors, 2017 - terrorists."

More than 30 people were arrested and taken to the local police departments. Some detention took place in an aggressive manner. There have been cases when the protesters were taken away by people in mufti, without the presentation of documents on the unmarked cars. In some police stations detainees are not allowed lawyers, has selected explanatory notes, seized posters, copied the contact list in the phone book, fingerprinted, photographed and tried to take a sample of saliva.
Activists tried to keep track of all the arrest, videotaped conversations of protesters with the police. The Department of police in Jankoi detainees came to support about 50 people.
According to the lawyer Rustem Kemileva, the police made a report on the violations.

The "protocols of delivery was any reports - it was not, because there is no corpus delicti under article 20.2 of the [administrative code]. No consequences should not be, because the case in court needs to consider during the day. Because tomorrow is Sunday and there were no reports of detention, on Monday they have to attract anyone," said Cemilev.
By the evening all the detainees were released from the plots. Some participants of pickets have written complaints of police misconduct during the arrest.